Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Doctors (ND) are trained primary care practitioners who can treat most general health concerns with the emphasis of individualized care. ND's utlize both advanced natural medicine (botanical medicine, IV's, homeopathy) and conventional therapies. NDs practice with a unique philosophy to address physical, environment, lifestyle, and emotional aspects of health in an effort to uncover the root cause of illness.
To learn more about what Naturopathic Doctors training and scope of practice, please visit the national and provincial associations for more information:

What can a Naturopathic Doctor do for you? 

Naturopathic Doctors support all forms of health concerns. As a  prospective patient, you may seek naturopathic care for the following reasons:
  • You are looking for preventative medicine
  • You are  looking for alternative treatment methods to what you are currently doing
  • You are suffering from a chronic illness that conventional medicine has not been able to effectively support or resolve
  • You would like advice on combining conventional and natural therapies
  • You are seeking a medical relationship with a practitioner who spends the time to know you and fully listen to your concerns.
  • You are looking for private laboratory testing to help detect underlying issues

Meet our Naturopathic Doctors

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           Dr. Clayton Bostock, ND                                      Dr. Kim Niddery, ND                                             Dr. Taylor Bean, ND