Energetic Medicine

What Is Energetic Medicine?

Energetic medicine or energy therapy is and includes a number of different therapeutic interventions and treatments such as light, sound, magnets, among other mind-body techniques wherein a therapist helps to harness and direct a patient’s subtle energy flow in order to help restore the body’s natural balance and improve its ability to heal.

It is based on the interactions of the human energy field with other energy fields, and draws on a mixture of ideas and concepts from quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, and neurophysiology.

These subtle energies and therapeutic interventions and treatments have been described and used for millennia in such systems as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Indian Medicine, and by many Faith Healers throughout the world with such practises as Laying-of-Hands, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Systems of Yoga, Meditation, etc.

Healing traditions throughout history describe and depict specific energy centers and energy fields that are both inside and outside the body. Areas of the body believed to be where energies converge, and pathways along which energy flows. Terms and depictions such as the aura, chakras, meridians, Qi, prana, kundalini, life force, etc., are but examples of this ‘life energy’ spoken of by the sages since time immemorial.

Interestingly, the energy centres or vortices known as chakras in yoga tradition can now be measured with modern equipment by reading specific electromagnetic frequencies in and around the area of the body where the chakras are said to be located.

These energy centres and pathways must work in concert, unimpeded by negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and other unhealthy energetic elements including diet to be effective in governing the fundamental biological health and processes of the entire human system.


” If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy,
frequency, and vibration ”- NikolaTesla. 1856-1943

There is a critically important energetic component to the human body that we now know and recognize. That is energy and all atomic and sub-atomic particles comprise all physical matter including our flesh and bone. Cells, blood, atoms, and all. These atoms are in a constant state of motion or flux where each living cell is vibrating at a specific frequency.

The Law of Nature states that everything is in motion and has a vibration, a frequency. Science now shows that healthy cells vibrate within a narrow vibratory range called their ‘natural resonant frequency’. When every cell in your body vibrates at this natural resonant frequency it remains healthy.

Any object including your cells will vibrate most strongly when subjected to vibrations equal to or very close to their natural resonant frequency.


Research shows that one of the main effects in the energetic stimulation of cells is the heightened production of ATP, an electro-chemical compound in living organisms that
releases energy for cellular reactions.

This energy of oscillating electrical vibratory fields resonates deeply into your physiology, biochemistry, and affects your health. Using the science of resonance and harmonics to entrain and maintain a cell’s electrical field within its corresponding frequency range, energetic practitioners can use various waveforms of frequencies and vibration to stimulate specific cells, organs, and other areas of the body. In so doing can successfully modify the cellular structure and function of any biological tissue while restoring the cells innate and natural resonant frequency.

This in turn will stimulate the healing processes, encourage tissue regeneration, reduce excessive inflammation and pain, and enhance cell and DNA repair.


Optimum health, vitality, and longevity depend on maintaining the overall integrity, function, and balance of one’s own internal and innate energetic systems and the body’s natural resonant frequencies. This can be accomplished quite powerfully by way of Energetic Medicine Therapy.