TaylorMade Wellness Clean Clinic Policy

As a result of the necessary measures with COVID19, we have implemented a cleaning system that will help reduce the spread of any infection within our clinic. Not only are we frequently cleaning our tables and chairs in the clinic rooms, IV room and waiting area but we have purchased a state of the air purifying and sanitation system.

Our air purifying system comes from the United States from Pure Air Pure Water. You can visit their website here (https://www.pureairpurewater.com). Their air purifying unit uses a ODOGard®-coated HEPA filtration system which captures particulate matter smaller than 0.3 microns in size which means it can capture not only bacteria and viruses but also VOCs, mycotoxins, dander, pollen, odors and smoke (during forest fire season). Their system has actually proven to inactivate 99.95% of SARS-COV2 from the air. What makes their system different is they not only can capture these particles but also neutralize them within the machine so they are not recycled back into the air.

Along with the air purification system we have purchased an air sanitization system which uses the Bipolar Ionization (BPI) system which works to inactivate pathogens and odors at the source. With the combination of the air sanitization and purification, our air at TaylorMade Wellness will be the cleanest air in the area. Having clean air is a priority of Dr. Taylor Bean, the clinic owner, and having witnessed the function of this particular  air purification system at several different conferences, she knew it was a necessity for the clinic.

We are also continuing to offer virtual appointments if necessary. Our patients have come to enjoy and appreciate the use of telemedicine for their appointments that don’t require in person treatments. Pivoting to convenient technologies like this does reduce exposure but also may be more convenient for you and we’re excited to continue with this service as much as possible.

All of these efforts are to simply make sure we maintain a clean clinic space that is effective while reducing over-exposure to sanitization products.

If you have any questions please email or call in before your appointment.

We’re here for you and look forward to seeing you soon.