Christy De Jaegher

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Christy De Jaegher

Holistic Nutrionist

I am also a Registered Occupational Therapist (in BC), but I prefer to only see clients under that title if it is more along the lines of health coaching (basically if someone has OT coverage and the focus is not exclusively nutrition - it's a blurry line!).

For now, the 4 consultation types are as follows:

Free 15-minute phone consultation

Free 15-minute online consultation

Online Initial Consultation (75 minutes) - $140  (I prefer to have a 15 minute buffer after this apt. as they often go longer)

Includes a thorough review of your health history, diet, lifestyle, health concerns and goals, followed by evidence based diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. Together we set targeted goals and you are provided with a detailed written health plan along with recipes and
resources to support your goals.

Online Follow-Up Session (45 minutes) - $85 (also prefer a 15 minute buffer after). For ongoing guidance, support and accountability to reach your specific health and wellness goals.

In terms of prices, I am open to changing these if you think I should.