Bri Cheema

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Bri Cheema

Holistic Nutrionist

Bri is trained as a Holistic Nutritionist, breathwork facilitator, Reiki Master, and hatha yoga instructor. She has a wide range of training and experience in both conventional and alternative approaches to healing and has studied under ancient masters all over the world. Bri is an expert in holistic and energetic healing.

Bri’s passion for health and wellness started very young. By 11 years old, she began working with her first therapist to help aid severe anxiety and panic attacks and although this structure of care helped to build conceptual awareness, she felt there was something fundamentally missing within the Western Therapeutic model. By age 21, Bri departed this paradigm and began working extensively with energetic medicine, meditation and Eastern Philosophies. All of these perspectives influence her work.

In 2016, Bri began studying nutrition which led her to complete her internship in Mexico under her mentor from New York — Dr. Erica Matluck, ND, NP. Over the course of 7 days they worked extensively within a group container and the profound therapeutic impact of group work changed the way she saw and understood healing. Since then, Bri has been a part of numerous transformational groups, attended integrative retreats around the world and created workshops for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Working with Bri is not like working with anyone else. Her approach is unique and rooted in the philosophy that we all contain the inner mechanisms for healing. From nutrition to meditation, you will work together to redefine what health means and offer a variety of therapeutic modalities to support your healing. This is an individualized journey built on deep trust and a strong commitment to holistic well-being.

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